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The surgeaon I choose to do my procedure suggests...

The surgeaon I choose to do my procedure suggests Tumescent Lipo because that is is specialty and he will be removing a large volume so I will be staying in hospital overnight.

I trust his skills two friends of mine have had procedures done by him I am just very nervous about the pain and swelling afterwards. I have read many reviews and even though most are positive the negitive always stand out in my mind.

He has suggested Arnica and the other one before and after surgery has anyone taken these and found that they have helped with the recovery process?

Today's your big day. Good luck!


Welcome to RealSelf, Monrarev. It's completely normal to be nervous and start micro-managing every little thing that might happen... I know that doesn't help get rid of it but at least know that you're not alone! :)

There's mixed evidence for arnica; some doctors believe it works, others don't. But there are a lot of RealSelfers who swear by it, so if your doc recommends it then you should go for it. You probably won't see a difference because you'll never know what you would have been like without it, but even if it helps a little bit then it's well worth it.


OK I finally feel good enough to give you guys an...

OK I finally feel good enough to give you guys an update. I am 2 weeks post op. Week one was rough in alot of pain and very hard to move around but I did see the difference immediately. I am still swollen but there is a noticeable difference. I am looking forward to the final result. Trying to massage but it is still very tender.
Oh that's awsum! I also took the Arnica one week prior and will be taking it maybe for 2 weeks postop. I also had a tummy tuck on April 4. I also noticed the lipo results right away! I dont have too much swelling or bruising though. take care. . .
Hey there! Did you end up taking the Arnica? Did you have your back lipo too?
Yes I did take the Arnica and the Bromelin prior to the procedure. I am still taking the Bromelin, it does help with the swelling but not all of it. I had the upper and lower abs, flanks and bra area done. So far the results are great, not even a month post op yet and there is a huge difference

OK guys Im a little more than 1 month post op and...

OK guys Im a little more than 1 month post op and feeling much better. I have started to get the messages and they do help. She says I should have started them right away but there is no way I could have done them right after my surgery. Its been a little over a month and I still want to punch her in the face sometimes!LOL She has done a great job and did tell me that the maintenace after is very import so get the messages ladies you wont regret it.
Leighton Taylor MD

Dr. Taylor is an excellent plastic surgeon. Highly reccomended.....

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