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Ok people this is something that I have been...

Ok people this is something that I have been researching for a little over a year. I have to get this done and I am but I can only afford right now one area so I’m getting done just a full abdomen (even though I should probably get the flanks too) I just don’t have the money right now to do so. I can always go back and get more done right? If my tummy is flatter I will be a much happier person and feel great and ill want to do everything in my power to make sure that pooch of fat never comes back! I won’t want to eat anything unhealthy and undo it all. $4,000 is a lot to just go to waste. I’m just hoping a full abdomen will be enough and that it will look ok without getting the flanks done too. I haven’t had my pre op yet that is scheduled for MAY 1st one week before the procedure. Has anyone ever just gotten the full abdomen done they can share some insight with me? And how far over do they go over on your abdomen?
Thanks for your insight and I did get to take a look at your pictures! I'm going to try and post some pics of what my body looks like now so y'all can see! Anyone got feed back for me?
I feel your pain, I almost didn't do it all either. It is expensive but mine was opposite I was okay with my stomach but hated my blanks(see my pics and you will see why) the only thing I wish I would have done differently is go all the way with my abdomen you will see it stops at the top of my rib cage and this is because he couldn't get the fat just below my breast with my being awake. It is not bad by any means just kinda rolls a bit when I sit down. I will have this fixed later on when I have the breast lift done. You will find you change your diet to avoid swelling but it sticks with you, which is good!

before pics

Your scheduled on my birthday! :-) And that's when I have my consultation! Lol what a good day! Have a safe surgery and speedy recovery and be sure to post pics please! :-)

Getting excited

Pre op this Thursday! I'm getting excited and nervous. I have to come up with $300 more by Thursday. Cross your fingers and pray I can do this! I need some support because by the way no one knows I'm getting this done but my fiancé and well... he's a man so he's like
"whatever" lol also I feel like I might throw up during surgery... I guess the thought of them sucking out my fat while I'm awake its kind of disturbing... anyone else ever feel like that whose had surgery? Write more after my appointment Thursday, God bless

Pre op done!

It was on Thursday and I am so nervous. Each day that passes I get more and more nervous! They gave me my prescription of pain pills, pads, support garment, medical tape and antibiotic stuff everything I'll need and I have lined up a ride to and from surgery. I'm suppose to take the pills 30 minutes before I get there so that I have time to relax and feel good. but I'm going to be freaking out! I don't know, I've never taken pills like that before so I don't know how they are going to effect me. I have this idea in my head like I don't want my stomach to feel or look lumpy, I just really hope he does a good job and my stomach shrinks up like I'm hoping. Also I hope he uses enough numbing stuff. I'm scared it wont be numb enough and I'll feel pain! 4 days until surgery! Cross your fingers for me

Today is the day!

TODAY is the day! Took my pills about 15 minutes ago and im waiting to be drawn on lol. :) pray for me! I will try to let you guys know every detail without rambling too much like some of these other post do.

no joke

The pills and numbing worked like a charm! :)Its was pretty relaxing to be honest and it didn't hurt me anywhere except close to around my belly button. And im leaking like crazy but thats good right? The numbing shots at the beginning stung as well bug i didnt cry or anything and the belly button part. But it was going. I could tell u r right here and now its worth it and I totally want to go back.

its only day two

I can tell it's going to be exactly what I want. Swollen and will be for a while. But it just feels like ive been doing sit ups all day long. They have we wearing foam pad that im supposed to keep on for a week


The more pic the better

more pics

your results look good but i am so upset you spent 4000 on one area. you could have come to Dallas and got your upper and lower abdomen and flanks for 2800!!! I just got mine done 4 days ago and i had a great experience.
I am not so sure about that, I live in Dallas and unless it is with a dermatologist, PCP, or that large lipo center in dallas that is too low for our area?
Well I went to New Day Shape in Plano. I'm going to do a review soon my doctor was Dr. Zambrano and he was AMAZING

Healing process

I am so sick and tired of wearing this garment!! But I have to and I will because I want the best results as possible! The doc also gave me some foam pad to wear underneath. He said three days but I want to wear it longer. The foam is supposed to help with swelling comfort and to help form your stomach back I guess to a normal size so its not so lumpy. They say don't massage but I do anyway very little. Why shouldn't I massage. Its hardly sore and I'm just waiting for my wounds to heal. I'm anxious to see NO scaring :) The foam is so uncomfortable and it looks like I'm pregnant. lol I cant wait to take it off each day for a few minutes when I get home from work. I feel like my stomach looked its super flattest the first day.. and now it looks like its gotten bigger but not from swelling I don't know what to think.. and they say its suppose to tighten up more and more as it heals in a few months? Still thinking its worth it. Wish healing was faster! Any advice?
I will want more. Tell me about your experience :)

Pics at 4 days post op. May 12 2014

Looks great! I'M ON DAY 7. My best was day 2 :) I'm feeling the same way.
It looks amazing....i had mine done May 24...i'm on your same path. Same feelings and questions. Im happy so far!
I spent $5000 for three areas. Upper/lower and flanks. Original price given $8500 4 areas. I shopped around w/consultations and read reviews and went back negotiated down to that price and only 3 areas. :) its not cheap in Cali

its all down hill from here.

I still feel some numbness but its all good. Every day its getting smaller and smaller! Im excited about it. Im typically a runner and about four days ago I tried running... I got about 5 minutes in and I had to stop. It hurt and I knew I still needed major support. But my wounds are all healed and im not leaking im really only waiting for my hardness to go away. I have a little left. :)
Hi there - I'm almost at one month and had same area as you done. I'm wondering - how are your lumps? Mine are so hard and big still! I'm a runner too and haven't been able to go but 1 mile then switch to walking. I'm so afraid of gaining weight if I don't get back to running soon! Just checking in on you. You look great by the way!!
Thank you! My lumps are gone for the most part gone or atleast not so big. They were never bigger than marbl size but they didnt stick out or anything and I only felt them when I pushed with my fingers down on my tummy. My doc said not to massage for some reason.. I did anyway but not a whole lot. I still feel some numbness and after I run its sore. Im still wearing my support garment when I go out and when I work out not at night. As far as the hardness goes toward my sides to the left and right of my belly button there is some hardness that seems to be taking a long time to get back to normal but then its only been six weeks. Ill try to post pics tomorrow.
Thanks for the update! Totally appreciate you sharing your experience. My lumps are big. Golf ball size :-( my doc says it's normal and part of the healing process. Patience I keep telling myself!

updated photo

Still to this day feel some hardness to the sides where I feel it needs to just heal. I feel like it sticks out a little and its sore when I run. After a mile or so it starts to hurt and I have to hold my tummy while I run. Even with my support garment. Hope this helps HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY EVERYONE!!
I love your results,you look beautiful. I think the hardness will subside in 6 months. I run and my arms sting when i run i am 4 weeks post-op smart-lipo on arms. It takes forever to heal ;( You should be fine. Best wishes

In five days it will be 5 months post

Here is the update. I'm still very happy with everything although I feel like my tummy is a little uneven. Just a little! Its not bad. Its all good but I feel like its a little saggy right where my pooch use to be but its nothing that cant be tightened up with some hard core work outs. I started the T25 work out program today so I know ill get awesome results from that. We are our own worst critic as well so I'm keeping that in mind. Im still very happy and I think its all healed up good and fast. I hardly notice my little scars either. Here is a photo or two so you can see for yourself.
I think you look stunning.
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