Pearl Laser to Get Rid of Wrinkles and Age Spots.

Yesterday I had the a Pearl Laser resurfacing...

Yesterday I had the a Pearl Laser resurfacing procedure. It was painful but tolerable. The laser works in short bursts and when the pain would start building the burst would be over and it then on to the next spot. The most painful areas are the hairline and the forehead. The whole process took less than 30 minutes.

I can't wait to see the end result. So far, I am pleased as the wrinkles have softened and the pores have shrunk.

Hi- I am in Kennewick also and have an appt here for the Pearl Laser. I am wondering if you still think it was worth it? I have decent skin and am in my mid 30's but I am getting some fine lines under my eyes and the Pearl is what they recommended. Thought I would check and see what you thought of it a few months after the procedure. Thanks! Christie

I think yes it is still worth it. I wish that I had done it in my 30s instead of 40s. I think your results will be better than mine. I have purchased a second pearl and will be scheduling it soon. Are you doing any derma fillers or botox? I think the combo of the 3 things really show the most improvements rather than just the pearl alone. Let me know what you think and good luck. FYI when they say 3 days to recover take 5 day followed by another 5 of very dry flakey skin. MO
I already have Dysport injections done at a Dr. in Hermiston. So, hopefully that and the Pearl together will be helpful. I will defintely let you know how it went. I am scheduled for 9/30 and am looking forward to it now that you have given your opinion. Thanks for your help!
Dermacare of Tri-Cities

The Dr and staff were excellent and prepared me with realistic expectations about the procedure and the pain.

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