Pearl Fractional Wasn't That Painful and Slothing Was Quick

Pros: It was a fairly quick procedure. Numbing...

Pros: It was a fairly quick procedure. Numbing cream and blocking helped. Discomfort was minimal. Not too costly given anticipated long term effects. Slothing occurred within 2 days. My skin was almost done by day 3. Swelling was down in a day.

Cons: Constantly soaking w/vinegar-water solution and slathering on Aquaphor, but you've got to do what you've got to do. Sleeping upright also uncomfortable.

I hope to minimize wrinkles and appear more youthful. Skintone I can tell is already improved.

Well worth it in an effort to avoid surgery as long as possible!

I just had the pearl laser combined with pearl fraxel on my face yesterday. The procedure lasted a good 25 minutes...very thorough. At points the pain hit close to a 9, but then subsided. My doc really took his time covering every inch! Home now day 2 with very swollen puffy eyes. Anyone else experience that? Also the obvious redness..but the eyes are like slits.
I had the pearl and fraxel yesterday and have had the oozing also. I do the vinegar soaks and aquafor too. Before the procedure the numbing gel got into my eyes a few times. When I got home and went to bed the only pain I had was my eyes. They were burning and hurting terribly bad. I couldn't even open them. Today they don't hurt but still a little blurry. Very excited to see the results though. That was the only downfall.
Had the co2 laser resurfacing done on Saturday am. Pain pill and valium along with Numbing cream for an hour,and a dental block around my mouth before the procedure. I didn't think the pain was too bad. Sunday I washed and most of the skin sloughed off...looked much better -pink-- but not scabby bloody and crusty like Saturday. I keep washing and applying aquaphor as instructed, my face feels itchy, tight but I really like what I see so far, neck and chest are sore like a bad sunburn, eyes are swollen underneath but otherwise, not feeling too bad except I'm stuck inside on a really nice day. Hope tomorrow is even better, They tell me in a few days I'll be able to put on a little make up and venture out.
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