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I underwent a full face Co2 treatment for acne...

I underwent a full face Co2 treatment for acne scarring , this was my 2nd treatment. I had severe scarring from teenage/adult acne. I noticed a big improvement from the first treatment on my overall skin quality, but the 2nd one has made a 100% improvement , It has made my face more even and smooth. I feel more confident and can even go without makeup and feel normal.
Hi! Do you know what brand of laser was used and the settings? Also, what type of scarring did you have (I.e boxcar, rolling, etc)? I am encouraged by your results! Congrats!
Yea! Someone in the Pacific NW!!! Any before/after pics? Im in Pdx Or & am researching this or Thermage? I havent read that Thermage has any real results. How long was your down time? Are there any choices of levels you can do like low/med/high depending on your own skin & age? Any info is appreciated!

Thanks for sharing!  How long did it take before you saw any improvement?  This is a common question here on RealSelf, so any info you have is most appreciated. 

Dr. Thimmappa

Dr. Thimmappa was funny and personable. She went over all risks and possible outcomes. I felt very comfortable with her.

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