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Gotta Say I Was Shocked It Was So Easy - Peabody, MA

I started treatment about 9 months ago to correct...

I started treatment about 9 months ago to correct some severe crowding that happened when my wisdom teeth came in (and subsequently were extracted). This evening one of my friends said 'wow, your teeth look perfect' and I still have 5 more aligners to go. I ended up having one mid-course refinement and some extra attachments put on, but truthfully it's been pretty easy to adjust to and the results speak for themselves. I will post pictures when I am through. I think it matters to have a good dentist, and one that will walk you through every step of treatment. My dentist measures my progress with the Invisalign treatment plan at each visit, and with the exception of one visit (where I needed the mid-course correction) everything has been great. Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to be done, but I am very very happy.
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Hi!  Did you experience any pain with the aligners?  Also, has your dentist talked to you at all about the retainer phase?  And have you experienced any clenching, grinding, or bite issues either before treatment or since it started?  Thanks!
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There is always a little discomfort the first couple of days when you switch to a new aligner. You are moving your teeth so it's to be expected. It was nothing major at all though, and honestly not even worth taking any aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. for. I did have a severe overbite before treatment, but that has since been corrected. So far everything has been great.
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Was the overbite corrected purely through Invisalign?
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