Fractional co2 laser made texture look awful

I had full face fractional co2 laser done five...

I had full face fractional co2 laser done five weeks ago. I was attempting to address early signs of aging. Fine lines around the eyes and mouth. Though my provider has said I need to wait atleast 60 days to see results I am quite certain they will not be good.

The texture of my skin is shiny and almost wavy. What look like small lines are all over my cheeks and chin. Devestated is a word I would use at this point.

I am a different poster, I am 5 months post procedure after having laser resurfacing done around my eyes, and the result is horrible. I look like I've aged 10-20 years. My skin was smooth before with some lines my makeup settled in. Now my skin is this very odd dry papery orange peel like texture with dents in places, that also has tons of small slit like wrinkles under my eyes. At first I looked better and didn't see any lines (probably due to swelling) now it just looks worse. It's awful, I wish I never had it done. I can't believe I traded smooth skin with some fine lines for dramatically aged skin with lines everywhere where the laser was done. I wouldn't do this. Too much of a gamble.
Hello --- thanks for sharing - can you provide a current update and photo, I'm thinking of this procedure for myself. Thx, c
This is exactly what happened to me . My life is ruined . I cant get out of bed some days . Im praying for you ..and to find a solution . These are my ideas for treatments so far ( community members please feel free to comment) skin needling - after at least 6 months of setting . ( light , then monitor results gradual) PRP vitamins
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