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Softened Laugh Lines

I had radiesse in the nasolabial folds to soften...

I had radiesse in the nasolabial folds to soften my laugh lines. I was swollen with chipmunk cheeks for about a week, but the radiesse really did the trick.

I am only 39 and I didn't have severe jowls or anything... just annoying laugh lines that I wanted to make less noticeable before my high school reunion. The injections hurt substantially but once those are over there's very minimal soreness. My skin was a little hard for a couple of months at the injection site, but it didn't bother me at all and wasn't noticeable to the eye... only if I pressed on it. Make sure you don't smile or laugh for at least two days & the effect will be better. Also sleep on your back and don't smash your face into your pillow.

The radiesse lasted for about a year. It's been 16 months and I am definitely getting it done again this year. I don't know where some people are finding this procedure for $500, I paid $1800. Overall, if you can afford it and are looking for a SUBTLE change (not a miracle) it is worth it.

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Ok one more thing I have noticed re radiesse and possibly true for all fillers! Whenever I got a lot of my fillers, incl. radiesse, I always went to this place I liked near my doctors and ate a lot and went out that night with friends in the area. I noticed the worst problems with migration and not lasting when those areas were "used" too much chewing, smiling, etc. in the following week. Think about it all t he movement we use with the many tiny muscles in our faces, and be VERY careful not to manipulate the face with extreme movement (chewing chewy foods, e.g.)
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