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One day when I was online, I saw an ad for...

One day when I was online, I saw an ad for American Laser Center and entered to win free laser hair removal. Later they called, and apparently I won but I would have to pay a little extra because whatever I won wouldn't cover the entire treatments needed. I went down to the place, and then they changed their story and said I would have to pay more than what was quoted on the phone. The girl acted surprised and wanted to know who was giving me misinformation on the phone. Of course, it is all a scam to get you to go into the office.

Anyway, I decided to get microdermabrasion instead of laser hair removal. I was hoping it would even out my skintone. I did not look good after the treatment. My skin was all red and ugly. However, the girl said I looked "glowing". I didn't go back for the rest of my treatments.


That company is a scam on their own. I also won 400 dollars coupon or something... apparently everyone wins. Got there and she shoved down my throat things I never heard before, like ematrix for over 3k. I just wanted some juvederm for lips and little on cheek bones. Anyhow, she made everything sound perfect, wonderful and absolutely necessary and good priced. I'm not a quick thinker, I like to review things. Got home, did my research and found out for the price, Ematrix is not worth it! Then she kept harassing me! Called all the time! I found out they did the same to a friend of mine, calling every 5mins. And you can't buy only what you want, they push things your way.
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Hi Violett, 

I would guess based on how they treated you before, you not continuing to go was probably a good idea. The plus is no "major" harm came out of the experience and you didn't loose a lot of money. Hopefully, the experience didn't scar you from the procedure altogether. Please keep us updated.

Thanks you!


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American Laser Center

American Laser Center just wants to scam people for their money.

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