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I had three out of a series of six laser genisis...

I had three out of a series of six laser genisis treatments and on the second treatment I got sort of a bump with a dark blue spot. I went back two weeks later and stupidly did another treatment and got seven more dark blue spots. I waited six months to see if they would go away and they didnt.

So I am now getting Q Switch laser to remove them. The doctor said it is a stain like that resembles a tatoo. Hemosedrin stain. Thank God the Q Switch seems to be working. Still a little to early to tell. Also read a review a person in there 30s said five months later the skin looked older and yes that happened to me as well. In weird places like my chin lines and quality of skin tone downhill. I thought it was because Im in my fifites. But I really did suspect the laser.

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Welcome to the community. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Was it only on your chin that you had  the treatment done? Did you go back and ask your doctor why you have the bumps as he explained the blue, but what about the bumps? Please keep us updated.

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The bumps went away that evening but the dark little spots remained. The woman that performed the procedure didnt have a clue. Even the dermatologist at first said he had never seen blue spots like the ones I have. And yes it was done on my entire face. It was like my skin also just aged overnight. Because Im older in my fifties I thought that was it. But in the back of my mind wondered if it was the laser.

Wondering if it was the laser is probably a good wonder. And your dermatologist had no idea either, that's unsettling. Did they suggest anything you could do?


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as explained in my story above.

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