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Simulation of Results Not Blowing Me Away - Pasadena, CA

I am going to get my first tray on December 11...

I am going to get my first tray on December 11 this year, and will share my experience in detail then.

I have just received the before-to-after-simulation of my teeth and I have to say: I am not impressed. Yeah, in the after picture they're straighter than whatever is going on in my mouth right now, but they're not beautiful to look at. The positioning is so similar in the after shot, it's as though the really rough edges have vanished, but the overall impishness of my teeth remain. Or, more graphically: The teeth I have now are horse teeth. But in the after picture, they are still horse teeth, just with less overlap.

Can I talk to my orthodontist about this? Is there a difference in how the teeth will look after treatment with each provider (like, some are more radically into straight teeth whereas some orthodontists are more "forgiving" with their definition of straight teeth)?
Or is this whole process at the whim of the Invisalign guys who make the trays?

Anyways, I included my actual teeth in the pictures, just for visualization. (I feel like I just shared a really private thing here, putting up pictures of my teeth. Is that really weird?)

And the $3000 dollars I spent are for Invisalign alone, just in case someone was interested in pricing. It's a 24-month case, $3000 for the trays, x-rays and office visits are not included and will probably run me at least another two grand.


I can't fix the price in the box above. Guess when they say posts are final, they mean it. I was going to clarify in two weeks: I myself spent $3000 on the trays, the insurance paid for the remaining $2000. That makes it $5000. At $175 per office visit every eight weeks for the duration of 16 months and the charge (whatever they cook up) for the x-rays and the teeth scanning, we are well over the average cost for Invisalign in Los Angeles county. My left central incisor and the tooth right to the left of that look crooked to me. It's not the shape I had an issue with. I want symmetry. In my opinion the position of the left upper central incisor and left upper lateral incisor is unacceptable as a final result. They stick out. Another thing: The first simulation picture titled "my teeth right now" was apparently uploaded as a movie. If you enlarge it, you can see 16 successive shorts of my teeth, from current positioning to the final result. I am assuming my case was meant to be a two-year-case, but will instead be a 16-month-case. Thanks so much for all the answers, you guys were extremely helpful.
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Invisalign (and ANY orthodontic treatment) only changes the position of teeth, but not the SHAPE. If the teeth are too long to you, they can be shortened (to a degree). Perhaps that will make all the difference. Consider porcelain veneers as an alternative. As far as the fee, a few things to consider. Usually the fee includes the entire case, but your fee is SO low that it may be that your doctor is making up the difference with fees for other things normally included. As if the low fee is quoted to get people to use them due to the low fee, but when it is all said and done the fee is the same as everyone else. I don't know. The usual fee around here is $5000 to $7000, so your quote of $3000 plus a "likely" additional $2000 makes it more normal of a fee.
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Your teeth look fairly straight to me with little overcrowding. yes you have very long central incisors, which could be shortened at the end of the treatment. The back teeth look to be in a constricted arch, which may need widening. Patients are usually impressed more when they have much more crowding/spacing.
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