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I am 5'5 124lbs. Before the surgery I was a...

I am 5'5 124lbs. Before the surgery I was a 36B. After the surgery I became a 38B. I did not notice a difference that was worth it. I too thought 1 cup size or two would be great but it was probably the worse decision I made. Now my what were once healthy breasts are covered in cysts. 1 year later these cysts hurt. The Dr said that when fat dies it can calcify. These cysts interfere with mama grams. My breasts have cysts all over now. I regret doing this. I am now thinking of scheduling surgery to get them removed because they are painful and embarrassing. My boyfriend was giving me a massage and got super freaked out said he felt some lumps. I had to tell him they ave always been there. I am now going to get regular breast implants. Save your money. Better to have healthy small breasts than 1/2 cup bigger ones filled with painful cysts. Don't believe those pics of girls with breasts that retained 90% it is just not true.

Who was the doctor?
Hi, as someone who has implants its hard for to say don't do it. But please do alot of research into the surgery before you sign on the line. I have ad 2 sets of silicone implants and both have gotten very hard with capsular contracture. Not very fun at all. In just 3 days I am scheduled for surgery to have the implants removed and am not having new ones put it. No more inplants for me. Everyone had to decide what is right for their bodies and I hope you make the right decision for you. Just remember we are not defined by our breasts, they dont make us who we are.
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