I Am Writing This to Express my Gratitude to the Realself Community in Providing Me with Invaluable Education - Pasadena, CA

I applied this knowledge in my search for a doctor...

I applied this knowledge in my search for a doctor that can best meet my needs.I followed the advise of the wise, dedicated, talented, highly skilled surgeons that I came across on this site and rejected one where I spent more time with the closer than the doctor.I also bypassed the doctor who presented used car sales person tactics.I ran away from a renown T.V. doctor whose front office resembled a black friday sales store.

I am scheduled for a facelift on Tuesday,April 2,2013. My surgeon is a Castle and Connaly highly rated doctor with an impeccable record and a front office that resembles a luxury spa.His staff is extremely detail oriented; I am battling an anxiety situation which elevates my blood pressure and I have been working with the nurse to alleviate my condition.I hope that the surgery will proceed as scheduled and I will let the realself community know regarding my experience. This website made my journey possible and I thank every doctor that takes out the time to inform the lay people regarding plastic surgery.

Don't worry--you will love it! And I agree that I'm very grateful to the women on this board who shared their stories freely. I can't because I'm in the public eye--but your comments here helped me to decide to go for a full FL. I'm 6 months post-surgery and the results are spectacular. I'm 52 but look 10 years younger. Good luck ladies. Do your homework and choose your surgeon wisely, as Rho has done. And good luck Rho! Can't wait to hear of your progress.

Thank you so much for sharing your story! I'm glad RealSelf has been useful for you in your search for the right doctor. Good luck treating your anxiety and please keep us posted on how it goes. We're all here for you!

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I will Pray all goes well. It has been 9 months since my surgery and my face is changing daily. Some days I love it others just like it. They say it takes one full yr to see final results. I slept in a recliner for three weeks. And a fe pillows. I also had a backache I took only two pain pills the day I came home because they said to I didn't need any after that. Numbness lasted a few months. Weird feelings. Lol. Mederma did wonders as soon as stitches were out. Good luck. God bless
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