Permanent Makeup - Very Beautiful and Natural Brow Results.

Procedure was done very painlessly with a topical...

Procedure was done very painlessly with a topical agent applied before tattoo work was done.

I was able to get a perfect match on my own eyebrow pencil that I brought in as the model of color. I was asked what style I wanted and the rough idea was drawn on first to see if it was something I liked. She evened out my arches too.

The tattoo is permanent, but fades with time so you need to go in for touch ups (at a less expensive rate each time) from time to time. I even had her color some hypo-pigmented white spots on my legs to perfectly blend with my skin tone!

Wanda Enoch

Wanda has extensive years in permanent make-up training. She has worked with alopecia patients as well as mastectomy patients and does outstanding repair work for scars. She comes highly recommended!

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