I Had an Endoscopic Brow Lift - Park Ridge, IL

I wanted to have some skin excised on my eyelids...

I wanted to have some skin excised on my eyelids as they were drooping. I was talked into an endoscopic brow lift, as my Dr assured me this was what I needed instead. I ended up w/ painful nerve damage, hair loss and 2 visible scars in the front of my head & hairline.

Also, my oval face became long looking and my normal forehead became too high.I had to make over 25 trips to my surgeon and numerous calls during the pain I was having for months. I saw over 5 plastic surgeons afterwards to find out why I was having so much pain & what was wrong w/ me as my original dr. wasn't telling me.

5 years later I find out more & more.The dr's info here would have saved me so much pain and money. I still have burning on my forehead & top of my right eyebrow from nerve damage and numbness on top of my head. My hair never grew back by the incisions and is much thinner that before.My scalp is also so badly repositioned.I look a little better in some way but worse in others I hadn't expected. It was not worth the suffering.I am sick I ever had it done.Never again.

Name not provided

Make sure you find out all of the possible side effects every way you can. Make sure your consult is a thorough one.My doctor was always available after-my surgery. He'd made a mistake and my eyelids were never corrected as I'd originally requested. Don't be talked into something you'd never asked for. Learn what to ask.

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
1 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
1 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
2 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
1 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Because the doctor may threaten the patient with a lawsuit. Mine threatened me. You can text the person directly to receive the name by private text (email).
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You know,that really makes me mad that you cannot say that you are unhappy with the job a Dr did. If I didnt like the work done on me,I would want to let people know,then they can make up there own mind with this info. As far as Im concerned I will give a Dr's name ...I dont think they can really do one thing about it,even tho they may not like it. The truth always wins out. Thank you for the imput,tho.
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Thank you for your story.
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I'm really sorry to hear what you've gone through, parisgirl. :( Is it something you can have fixed by a different doc?

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Thank you for your kind thoughts, Sharon, but no it can't be fixed. It has been said the nerves will regenerate, but it's been since 06 I still have issues w/ pain from his mistakes. He suposedly cut the 'short' nerves' from what I've learned, not the 'trunk' nerves, which I think would have been worse, by another doctors explanation. My 'repositioned' scalp will always be like it is. I did find another doctor who took that excess skin from my eyelids about a year ago-having been so depressed about losing all that money for my pain and his mistakes, and still having my original problem plague me. It turned out well, b/c he listened to me and I knew more this time. I would have tried to sue the first doctor who made all the mistakes, but his deceased father was in the judicial system and he had many ties w/ law along w/ his millions- I'd have gotten no where. Nerve damage like this is very hard to treat, if at all, or I believe he would have tried to help me b/c he knew what he did to me. I know he was afraid to admit it. He was a nervous wreck everytime I had to go there. My fore head still burns when I get upset, (it's odd that it happens then) and my hair is still much thinner on top-it never grew back. The scars are very hard to hide. Also one stitch dropped on the right side of my head, (6 incisions & sutures) and my left eye brow doesn't match my right. There are so many draw backs I can't see anyone wanting one of these. I didn't. All you are is their next dollar, so be very careful and learn all you can. And please spread the word, I do.
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Hi I am so sorry about what you've been through. The saddest part is that it is so hard to file suit. It sucks!!! I have been considering a lateral browlift for one year, and have been to 2 consultations here in Colorado. Both told me something different. I need to continue my search for a great doctor and may be moving back to Chicago and seeking more opinions there. WOuld you mind sharing who your doctor was? Also, could you recommend any other doctors for this procedure? It is very hard finding the right doctor. I have been disappointed so far, both doctors have spent less than 15 minutes with me, then siphoning me off to the "patient coordinators" to do a Q and A with me. Shouldnt that come from the doctor??? I want to email them and tell them why they wont get my money. Its so unprofessional to make a procedure sound like no big deal and then make it sound great and then thats it. Anyway, any information you can provide could help me find the right doctor. I am 38 and my drooping eyebrows are causing my eyelids to rest on my eyelashes, a hereditary condition in my family. I have always had hooded lids, something that never bothered me, but now the lateral hooding and drooping is causing me to look angry, tired and miserable. It is a problem for my vision also. The upper corners are blocked. I have a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing Lisa
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Thank you for posting your experience; it is a reality check for those of us who might be considering this procedure!
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I had a facelift and have the same burning and pain 2 years later over the entire area that he "lifted" from sides of face to entire neck. I hadn't heard of cutting the "short" nerves but it sounds like this may have been what happened to me, too, with a face lift. I thought these doctors insist that the nerves regenerate over time. Hhmmm, maybe not.....
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