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Juvederm 4 Injected in the Glabella - Frown Lines Disappeared but Some Doubts Concerning Procedure

I am 40. I tried botox followed by juvederm 4 for...

I am 40. I tried botox followed by juvederm 4 for the glabella lines. My 2 frown lines quite disappeared I look relaxed and no more angry but I have some doubts concerning the procedure. I need your help. Thanks.

My dermatologist injected me with botox followed 2 weeks later with Juvederm 4 in my 2 frown lines. I read recently on Juvederm website that Juvederm 4 should not be injected in the glabella. What is the truth concerning Juvederm 4? What should be done and which product to be used in a few months when effects fade?
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I'd rather recommend but I need further details.

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