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I am a model in Paris, and must get my hips and...

I am a model in Paris, and must get my hips and inner thighs done. How long will i need to recover, and to really have a net thinner lower body? Is there any way for me to accelerate the results, and diminish swelling? My work, and income depend on this at the moment, i need to be back at work asap.

Can anyone help me and suggest the quickest recovery liposuction type? Or reassure me with their short recovery results?

Thank you!!

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Hi zippa,

Welcome to RealSelf!

Liposuction recovery can vary. There are little tricks you can do, like take bromelain, that are supposed to reduce swelling, but a lot of it is just time and rest.

Here are some more forum pages about liposuction recovery. Keep us posted on what you decide to do!

Good luck,

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