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My Breast Lift with 100 CC Implants @ 40 Years Old - Paris

I have hated my breasts ever since I can remember....

I have hated my breasts ever since I can remember. I went from no bra to a 34D in four months time when I was 15. Puberty.

I am 40 and have one child. I never breast fed because it was so painful. My chest grew from a 34D to a 34G during pregnancy and got even larger when the milk came in. I had my son at 38, so this year I decided it was time to get the lift!

I got a lollipop lift so there is no horizontal scar. My PS removed 20 grams from the right breast and then added 100 cc implants under the muscle. I had my surgery done in Paris. In Paris it was manditory stay overnight in the clinic. I paid 100 Euros extra to have my own room, I am so happy to have had the opportnity to stay over night. Great health care in France!

Here are my photos...

I just read your story. It is so like mine. I have wore a bra since 3rd grade. Am a very full 34 D and with each pregnancy (3) grew to a G-H, then nursed. Needless to say my boobs hang to my bellybutton. I have been thinking about a lift but am wondering if with just a lift my breasts will be the same size before and after. Glad you are happy with your results.

Congratulations on doing this for yourself!  The toll of pregnancy on one's body is dramatic (and sometimes traumatic!) and I think it's great when mom's do something for themselves to reclaim their bodies.  Looking forward to hearing updates on how your recovery goes and final results!


I'm glad you were able to find a plastic surgeon you were so comfortable with. I can't even imagine how disorienting it would've been to grow breasts so quickly in your teen years. Thanks so much for sharing your stories and photos with us. You'll undoubtedly help other women who are in similar situations.

Doctor Rami Selinger

He is not aggressive at all trying to sell you with other procedures, he is not into making a buck. Very down-to-earth.

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