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I used Dr Z to have done the Lower and upper...

I used Dr Z to have done the Lower and upper Blepharoplasty on 4/2/10. I am living the worse experience in my life.

The upper left eye bother me when I open my eye. I felt in depression. I went t to see him a couple times to discuss the situation and he said that there is nothing that he can do it. Of course, he already got paid and he put the money and the package and he does care about what I am suffering.

In the operation room was 4 people to have done the surgery, the assistance, the nurse, the anesthesiology and him. Now my question is? Who did the surgery?

If you know someone who wants to use this doctor please advise them. Let them know that they need to choose a doctor with a lot experience in one specific area. I am not sure what area he should be good but not for eyes.


Hello Terrible, have you seen an improvement? I am so surprised by your review. I've been researching Dr. Z. and this is the only negative review I've come across. I am planning a consultation with him and hope to have a complete Mommy Makeover under his care. Would you share an update? Please?
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Hi Terrible -- I'm sorry to hear about your experience. :( Have your results gotten any better since you posted?

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I am glad you have the courage to name your doctor!!! These dodgy doctors need to be named and shamed. Your doctor would have done the surgery....but he clearly is not very good. If he cannot fix it...and this is probably true...he should recommend you someone who can. See an OCCULOPLASTIC SURGEON. This is very important as their speciality is eyes and only eyes.
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