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My eyelid surgery was so bad I had to sue Dr....

My eyelid surgery was so bad I had to sue Dr. Parker in court for malpractice. The jury found him liable for deviating from the standard of care for his profession. My eyes do not close. Stay wide open when I sleep. I have a 24/7 regimen to fight dry eyes and corneal ulcers. I will be disfigured for the rest of my life.
Marilyn Leisz

Hi Marilyn! I am so sorry about your experience. I could not help to comment. I might know someone who can help you. Her name is Dr. Lopa Gupta. She is an EYE SURGEON EXPERT with offices in Westchester County, NY and NYC. She is able to do most surgeries with a local anesthetic (really). Both my mother and myself have had upper and lower blephs done by her, and she is also known to correct bad eye surgeries. She is one of the most skilled surgeons I have ever met, not to mention one of the kindest, compassionate doctors I know. Good luck!
Hi, thank you for the info on the doctor. I am going to try and locate her. Would you be so kind as to give me your email address in case I have trouble locating her? My address is maleisz@aol.com Thank you so much. Marilyn
Sorry about ur botched eyelid surgery. I can't imagine not being able to close my eyes! Keep researching ,I pray u find some kind of correction. And tnx 4 lettin us know about this doc
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