I already had the procedure so I will be writing...

I already had the procedure so I will be writing as much as I can remember about my experience. I am about 6 weeks post-op. I will be adding photos. I am beyond happy with my results. I had only recently learned about the Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. I originally was looking for a tummy tuck. II had been stalking quietly on this website by chance. So happy I did. First let me tell you a bit about myself. I wish to remain anonymous, therefore I will only reveal so much. I am way over 40. I have children. To say I let myself go is an understatement. You won't be seeing bikini pics here (maybe something sexy?) and piercings; but you will see me as a newly transformed Dr. Gartner created and sculpted younger woman. So stick around. I will be writing frequently. This is just a brief intro.


Congrats on your journey!!!!!!!
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Thank you! I plan to have more work done with Dr. Gartner in the up and coming New Year! Merry Christmas!
Welcome aboard !
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BBL consult and pre-op pic

From consultation I knew I would choose Dr. Gartner. There aren't too many surgeons here in NJ that can perform this procedure correctly. I did see Dr. Bond's BBL pics, but I liked Dr. Gartner's better. I also liked the fact that his consultation was free. One biggie for me was safety. Dr. Gartner has a state of the art surgical center where he can performs his surgeries. You will save on hospital costs which charges you for the operating room rental. I was charged once by Hackensack hospital $1,000 plus for labs, and for pathology. He has his own anesthesia team. His nurse's are highly skilled and are certified in advanced life support. He also has surgical techs in the OR. I also found the price was very fair. Here is my best pre-op pic. OMG the others will be worse! Please note without revealing my age or identity, let's just say I am closer to 50. I could have traveled for this procedure, but safety was a priority. At my age who knows with my luck!!!Not all stories had a happy ending outside of the USA. So happy I found Dr. Gartner. Trust me I bomb barded him with all my concerns and he did not hesitate in answering me. His price was very fair as well. Ok girls will be writing again and more pics to follow. Merry Christmas!

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Surgery day

The payment process was easy so I will skip all that. Just want to mention the girls were very nice that handled the payment and greeted me kindly each time. Surgery day I was so nervous. It is very common to fear the anesthesia more than the surgery itself. We all fear not waking up. I was so stupid. Read online about a girl who after a breast augmentation fell into a coma in Florida. The anesthesiologist was shady to say the least. Well, I was scared as hell until I actually spoke with the anesthesiologist. He put my fears to rest and was so caring. Dr, Gartner came in marked me up ,took pics, and asked me if there were any concerns and such. He was very nice. I was the only one there, surgery was at 7:30 am. I received VIP treatment from the nurses and his entire staff. One may have been the OR tech. My husband enjoyed the waiting area. The seating was comfortable. There was coffee and cookies. There was magazines and a TV to keep him entertained. The nurse at bedside was one of the best nurse's I ever had contact with. Surgery itself, I didn't remember a thing only the soothing voice of the anesthesiologist and the hands of the nurse's applying the inflatable boots that compress the legs during surgery to decrease risk of blood clots. Next thing I am in recovery with the anesthesiologist and nurse at bedside telling me to take deep breaths. Quit smoking 3 years ago but the trail smoking leaves is still there. I was OK tho. I didn't feel any pain just sore butt as tho I had worked my ass off on an elliptical machine. The Lipo areas oh those hurt. Nurse's helped me to the bathroom was dizzy and yea nauseous as hell. I did get something for that and it helped. Going home the ride was pure hell. Had to go in the back seat on my stomach. My neck hurt so much. It was the ride of hell. Next time I have surgery I am staying first day at a hotel. Duh there is one hotel within walking distance A Holiday Inn I think. So first 48 hours was the worst for me. I was leaking fluid for 2 days and lots of it. ok will close for now. Merry Christmas to all.


Congrats on your sx. 42 here! Told my ps wished I had done this in my 20's and he said, no reason to have regrets... 20 years ago they didn't have the know how to do this type of surgery. True. Be happy that you are safe and results turns out well. First 24 hrs I had nurse and am so happy for that. First week was breeze but second week there's more pain... Ugh. Good luck with you recovery!
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40+ club whoot whoot!!!
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40 plus is right lol! My new butt looks 20 tho! lol

Post op first few days

Dr. Gartner makes small cuts in the skin for the Lipo. I had a stitch in each cut that dissolves by itself so no drains. First day post-op I only wore a abdominal binder. I was so swollen. My hips were huge!!! He added fat to my hips as well to cover some dents and give it more shape. Going to the bathroom I used this rubber donut on the seat. That was the only time I was allowed to sit. You can also use a cushioned raised toilet seat as it is pure hell moving from sitting to standing. I felt my age that is the truth. I took my pain meds only if needed along with a pill for nausea. I was nauseous the first day after surgery. I drank plenty as I was losing so much fluid. It looked like menstrual blood. I drank gatorade,coconut water,ginger ale, and water. I did not have an appetite either. Sleeping OMG I was up many times during the night. I had to pee a lot and my back and neck hurt so much. I am a side sleeper. Since I had added fat to the sides, I could not sleep on my sides either. I was only allowed to sleep on my belly. I bought the U shaped pillow to keep myself from flipping onto butt or sides. It also could be straightened to hop onto and hug. That is what I did sometimes. Since all of this has already happened I may skip around. I am trying to keep it in order as much as I can.


OMG I wish this surgery was available for my 20's too. I would have hung around naked lol!!! I am so happy to be safe!!! I was scared believe me. My blood pressure got a bit high cause of the fear of not waking up. My hubby was my nurse! Awwww he took off work to help me. I could not bend. I needed his helping getting up and most everything. Thank you so much. I still have some swelling. Thanks for sharing and writing.


I wore diapers. Had to as every time I stood up fluid ran down my leg onto the floor.

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pre-op butt and post op butt

The bed mats are great. They are bigger than the wee-wee pads plus they have tape. It will be secured to the bed sheet and it won't move like wee wee pads do. I had no stains on sheets or mattress. 2nd day post op I was allowed a shower so awesome! It felt so good! The gauze will get wet so you have to change them and apply bacitracin or any antibiotic ointment. Pulling off the tape too ouch! Ok so you see my second pre-op pic! OMG I can't believe I walked this earth like that! I have one more and it is the worst one. Will show you but damn!!!!! lol before I forget, Getting that garment over my swollen hips hurt like hell! Taking it off to go to the bathroom oh that is torture. Make sure you are not alone first time you take the garment off. I was so dizzy!!!!! I hear it happens a lot. I cut out more as the garment was too tight on the hips and butt. Ok that is all for today. see you soon dollies.


U look great doll congrats :-)
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Thank you Beauty!
Thank you. The bootay looks great girl!!
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More Post op comments

Oh yes! You won't be able to squeeze into places at home like before! I keep knocking things over with the butt. My brain still thinks I have a flat ass! lol I forgot to mention first night post-op Dr. Gartner called to check up on me. That was so nice! The next day his nurse called too and gave me more post-op instructions. I really appreciated that. So I got the itches and had to apply Benadryl cream. I alternated with hydrocortisone cream which worked best along with Benadryl tablets 50mg. The dial soap (anti-bacterial) suggested by Dr.Gartner helps too. I also was on antibiotics so diarrhea was also a problem. Had to take off that garment so many times and wash it. I ate yogurt and took some probiotics. What I love most about this surgery besides the butt is all the Lipo involved! I have a waist! I still need a tummy tuck but it looks so much better! Hubby likes it all. He kept giving me massages I think so he can touch the butt. When he comes home he greets my booty first! Lol


Congrats lady you look great.
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Thank you! More pics to come. My worst pre-op pic. and some sexy pics.

8 days post op

Lots of bruising and swelling. I used arnica tablets you place under tongue and it dissolves quickly. These help with the pain,stiffness, swelling, and bruising. I also used the arnica cream especially on my back. I hated sleeping on my belly. Dr. Gartner suggested placing a pillow under my stomach during post-op visit. That helped a lot. Moving walking was ok. Bending NO! I take Vit.C 1,000mg a day to help with healing. I applied Mederma scar gel on the cuts to help minimize scarring.


You look great! Thank you for sharing your story. :)
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Awwww thank you! Visited your page. You look awesome! You will only look even better. I understand you hesitating with your pre-op pics. Mine are actual pre-op pics Dr. Gartner took. I was shocked when I saw them. I will be posting the last one I have which is the one that I dread posting the most. Good luck with your surgery. I will visit with you again.

The following days and early weeks

OK I want to get this frightful pic over with. So happy This before body is gone! yay! I want to finish this review so I will just show some after pics and catch up to present healing in the next coming posts. At 2 weeks I was allowed to sit on my thighs. It is easy to do this if the chair is hard. If it is the couch no. I will show you(sometime in another post) what I did with the U-shaped pillow on the couch to sit on my thighs with.

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Forgot to mention

Notice my elbows how red they are? You will be using them a lot during recovery and your knees too. I kept putting lotion on them. I even used knee pads at one point and covered my elbows because they hurt.

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3 weeks and so on

It was nice to see the bruises gone and the swelling decreasing. Stiffness limited my mobility. It was still hard for me to bend. We older women have to accept the recovery won't be a piece of cake. Also, our skin elasticity is not the same as the 20 and 30 year olds. I am amazed tho as my skin has retracted so much. I have not worn anything skin tight in years. I love the new choices of clothes that I now can wear.

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Happy New Year to all Brazilian Butt Lift Girls


You look awesome! Where did u purchase your U pillow ?
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Thank you sweetie! I bought this pillow on ebay. Just type in body pillow U shape in your search tab on ebay. Buy it now cheapest is $55 with free shipping. If you win by auction you may get it much cheaper. The pillow measures 20" by 130". It is very long. Look at my new pics.

sitting what I used after brazilian butt lift.

I was allowed to sit on my thighs after 2 weeks. This is what I used. I was allowed to fully sit at 6 weeks. I only do that now intermittent. I am still using pillow.


Thanks so much !!!

End of my review Brazilian Butt Lift

Pictures speak louder than words. I am now 7+ weeks post op. I love my new butt!


Thank you for sharing your experience! Ive been trying to find stories like yours with pics for a weeks, and haven't until now. You have been so helpful with all the info! Please keep updating. Love to see long term sixs, say at 3 and six months. I am planning on getting mine done in a years time as there's too much going on this year. I have been for a consultation though. I can wait to be able to were fitted jeans again. Not been confident enough to in 5 years.
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Oh sweetie you made by day! Thank you for reading. It wasn't easy posting my naked self let alone at my age all over the internet. I just had to show other woman that anything you desire is possible and reachable at any age. I too covered up most of my life really. Now, I don't have to and I love it! My level of confidence is changed along with my new booty lol I will update from time to time so come visit with me again. Thanks for stopping by. Take your time and a new you awaits.
Wow, you have fantastic results and you seem very happy...that's what it's all about!
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I am 2 months Post op Brazilian Butt Lift

Hi ladies! Just a quick update. I am now 2 months post op. I still have some swelling. I get it when I am not active or take off the Faja and leave it off for long periods. I did not have any lymphatic massages as it was not part of my post-op instructions. I recently switched to the butt in garment as now all restrictions have been lifted. With the Holidays,decreased activity recovering,and peri-menopause I have gained some weight. I will now try and lose it. Most went to my butt so hubby loves it even more LOL! I must say gaining weight is not the same and I like it! Your butt is the first place it will go and the last place you will lose! So The tighter garment will help with maintaining the new shape. Post op 2 month pic taken today. Still loving the booty!


You look great. Thanks for sharing
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You are welcome dolly! I can't wait to see your results! Hope you heal fast!
You look great! I love your results! I am about 3 1/2 weeks post op...still recovering...and so glad I went through with the surgery. I was hesitant at first because I am 44...thought I was too old! So do you really think that when you gain weight, it goes to your butt first?? I hope that's the case for me! Thank you for sharing your journey! Enjoy that fabulous booty:)
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2 months post op Fat settling in

Fat transfer is settling in nicely. Butt is softer yet firm. It jiggles now and I love it. I had two thin slices of chicken cutlets just hanging there before. I am so scared that it will disappear. Butt is still here. I am trying to twerk lol I am wondering if butt is fluffing? I hear that term here a lot.


Your results look great!
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Some items for use after Brazilian Butt Lift first few days and while healing

Some things for recovery phase- Note some I used some I did not. If you use any of these do so at your own risk. 1.Boppy Custom Fit Total Body Pillow
The newly-designed Boppy® Total Body Pillow was developed with a physical therapist to provide customized support. The flexible, three-piece design means you can use the combination that works best for you. Choose from: Head/Neck Support, Belly/Back Support, and Hip/Leg/Ankle Support. Extended length design provides support all the way down to your ankles, alleviating strain on hips.
2.Worn over cloth diapers adult plastic pants quietly help to keep you dry and comfortable. Worn over underwear or disposable diapers, adult plastic pants provide that extra level of protection to help prevent embarrassing situations. The disposable diapers still leaked. This would help.


Thank you love! Are you having this surgery soon? You will look marvelous! I will follow your journey! Good luck!

two and a half months post Brazilian Butt Lift

Wow! Can't believe it is now 2 1/2 months since I had the surgery! Still get a bit of swelling lower back. It comes and goes. Butt is still here!


Where did u get the under garment where the butt sticks out ?
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Hi first of all! I bought it in a store in New York. I looked for you and you can get one on ebay. I posted a pic. above. I am talking about the black one you see in my pics. The beige one my Dr. gave me.
Looks great
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My Girdle

This is the girdle panty with the butt cut out. You can buy one on ebay. Just search for Brazillian Butt Lift Booty Reshaper.


Looking great.Whats the girdle panty do? You had a very nice transformation
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The girdle helped keep the new transplanted fat in place, reducing swelling and helps improve the contour. Now I only wear it sometimes as my lower abdomen is very loose from the lipo. I need a tummy tuck. Thank you so much for your lovely compliment.
Thanks for sharing You look GREAT
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5 months plus since BBL

Happy Easter ladies! I know I have not been here for a while. Want you all to know the butt is still here! I don't regret this surgery one bit! I wish this surgery was available years ago! Hubby wants you all to know he is loving it!!!! To me that is very important! lol Have a nice Easter!


Hey girl great results, after not having a so great experience with dr alkon in nj now I'm going with dr gartner like w I wanted from the beginning. U look great but after the butt my belly is very important to get it done and I wanted to ask if by any chance u have a pic of ur belly after the lipo my belly is similar to ur on the pre post pic and they other doctor recommended a tummy tuck which I don't want. I was to see how ur belly ended up, he said it will hang but how much really? Can u post a month or three month pic of ur belly or even now that will help. Thanks
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Oh no it does hang and I don't want to show that. I am having a tummy tuck as I needed that before. Fat is sucked out so the skin is loose. I am choosing Dr. Gartner for the tummy tuck. If you are younger than me then your skin will retract and you may not need a tummy tuck. I am way over 40 with multiple pregnancies so I really need it. I may write a review for the tummy tuck and I may post pics then. I can hide my lower abdomen loose skin in my undies in the meantime. lol Thank you for your nice complements.
oh thanks so much. u really look good on the after pic from the left side and under ur self hand ur abs look good to me. i am 26 with no children or planning on having any! lol. and its a little big now only measurement that i can remember is 36in on waist. i am eating healthy and exercising and lost already 27lbs and planning on losing 25 more. it is not that bad, but i do love to see pics. Dr alkon didnt give me hope he basically wanted me to have a tummy tuck and when i said no way, he didnt want to hear abt it anymore. i have to see dr gartner for sure. in the meanwhile ill keep doing what im doing :) and time will tell. please share as much as you can. we also love to see after pic of the lipo areas :)

7 Months pic after weight gain.

Ok so this is the first time I show the belly after Lipo and weight gain. I am about 10-15 pounds more than before surgery. Can you see even though I gained, I still look slimmer! This is awesome really! The Lipo areas still look way better than I was! Please look at my yucky before pics. You still will gain in the Lipo ares so be careful! I still need the tummy tuck and I am working on losing the weight I have gained! First place you gain is the butt! My hubby loves it and and said he is "sick" over the butt. Meaning he thinks about it every day! Lol He touches it every day! So ladies be careful what you wish for Lol!


Thank you for sharing your journey. I am 20 days post & have really bad edema. Glad to know your booty is standing up to the test of time. Beautiful!
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Awwww Thank you! I am so happy the booty is still here! I will add 2 pics. Get the Arnica of Montana. I used the sublingual tabs and the cream helps so much for the edema and bruises. It also helped with the pain. I was walking like the girl who turned violet in the Willy Wonka movie lol! Thank you for your lovely compliments!
Helpful info.... Thanks for sharing and giving me the confidence to explore the BBL soon. Like you said, it is scary to take this b=life change, but is well needed. Hopefully, when the ladies do their research, they will run into your testimony!!!! Good work Young lady
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My booty is still here! It has stood the test of time! I love wearing jeans now!


Wow you responded fast1 that's what i am talking about :-)
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Lol I am trying to put up the pics for you!
How much did you pay for the procedure with Dr. Gardner? I want the fat removed from my flanks, upper and lower abdomen and placed in the buttocks and hip area.

Frilly Girly Panties for the Booty

Here are 3 pics I just took. Mello622 can you see the Booty is my actual booty now? Lol


Did you lose any volume after the hcg shots,I'm 6 weeks out from bbl and now I want to start the hcg shots, what's your input
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To be honest I did HCG diet before BBL. I am too afraid to do it now. I do believe I would lose volume. HCG works on the abnormal fat deposits. It will make you lose fat where no other diets has before. The booty has a lot of fat and the HCG will attack the booty for sure!
Thanks baby
Paramus Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Gartner is a professional talented artist and skillful and caring surgeon. He is not stuck up and truly loves his job. He is double Board certified. He has many years experience in plastic surgeries and more. I found him on Youtube and was very impressed with his work. After meeting him I can only think very highly of him and his entire staff.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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