Getting my Breast Reduction June 1st.... Finally.

Well, after going to 12 doctors in Phoenix I...

Well, after going to 12 doctors in Phoenix I settled on a doctor in Panama City Beach Florida. His breast reduction/lift is amazing, I was blown away by his before and afters! His name is Dr.Ceydeli, I have never met him, only talked with his staff and they are wonderful. I also checked his background and his reviews which are all spottless. My mother lives there so I will have help with my 2 children, age 3 years and 8 months. I am 35 years old and a size 40DD I would like to get down to a small C. I am alittle nervous but more excited on a new lease on life!!! I've always hated my breasts, had them since I was 12 years old and only got bigger and saggier with time. I cant wait to buy new clothes. Anyone have advice I would love to hear from ya!! Also I am buying my own garments so if anyone has advice on that it would be great!! Take care. P.S uploaded before pics and will upload after as well.

June 1st is around the corner! good luck.. I am scheduled for surgery July 28th and am looking for some advice and experience from someone that has the surgery recently. It seems most are very pleased. I orginally thought only a lift is what I needed but after all my consultations a reduction was recomended.. look forward to hearing about your experience
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I'll let ya know after my surgery!!

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