MIXTO C02 Left White Patches All over my Face!! Help.

Hi I just had the MiXto c02 done 4 days ago. I am...

Hi I just had the MiXto c02 done 4 days ago. I am Latina with light brown skin. I had this procedure done With a Dr in Palo Alto that 30 yrs experience and have an office in San Ramon.

When I had the procedure done they never gave me written instructions to follow but after treatment I felt fine did not felt much discomfort nor sun burn, but I am very swollen and a bit red now. Second day I notice white patches allover my face the size of the beam of the laser... It’s scary because on day 3 the white patches got whiter and whiter... I wrote a letter to the Dr Assistant twice and send picture of the white patches but did not get an answer. So I wrote him again and nothing no answer. I wonder what went wrong!! Please help?? Will it go away?

To remove: Freckles,Lines under my eyes,...

to remove: Freckles,Lines under my eyes, andTightening of my yawls

The fact that the doctor is communicating with you through this site tells me that despite his experience he has not learnt how to handle patients. A true professional would take reposibility for his own work and handle a 'difficult patient' through meetings, discussions and educating a patient. A true professional is always interested with the results of his work. The doctor's comments did not say that any of the lady's statements were untruthful (like her writing to them, not getting a response, etc.). Pay attention to the span: her note dated Jan 09, 2010. Doctor's 'response'dated Apr 28, 2010!
Dear "Alexi" This is Dr Newman's response to your posting some 4 days after your Mixto in January? Our office cannot confirm your story because it is so "unusual" as every patient gets their post op instructions with their packet, has scheduled post op visits and we respond promptly to all of our patient concerns especially in the early post treatment phase. While there is temporary shedding of the outer layer of the skin during the first 3-5 days after the procedure it can appear white especially in darker skin. If you were one of our patients this concern would have been addressed as all of our patients get examined during the first week. All patients have a responsibility to keep their post treatment appointments. All of your early post treatment concerns could have been handled with a simple phone call or visit to our office. Dr. Newman is one of the most experienced laser surgeons in the country and continues to produce excellent results with the MiXto laser.
Alexi, How is your skin looking now? Did you ever see any resolution to those white patches? Also, which office did you have the MixTo procedure done in? Palo Alto or San Ramon? I am also considering getting MixTo on my face, but I am very fair - so I may have entirely different skin type.
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He told me he had years experience on Mixto, and asking around his employes told me that they have bein doing mixto c02 for 6 months. After treatment they did not give me written instructions how to care for my skin, did not set a fallow up appointment, have not yet responded to my concerns which are the white patches all over my face.

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