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I am a fair-skinned redhead and every time I have...

I am a fair-skinned redhead and every time I have restylane injections around my mouth, it comes to the surface just under the skin within a week. I have to wait with this blue discoloration until it is absorbed. Also, I cannot find a doctor who can give me a more defined cupid's bow and volume in the upper lip without it looking like a duck's bill. I have had just the border done, injections into the middle of the upper lip, etc. and nothing works. Any suggestions?


Hello! I am fairskinned as well - I don't tan at all. I've been getting fillers (juvaderm, restylane, etc.) about every 10 mos for 7 years now. You may try a new doc..I have had devastating results by one cosmetic surgeon, and mediocre results by others. I found a great dermatologist a few years ago who has been so great that I refuse to go to anyone else now. There are 2 procedures, 1 is for plumpness, the other to "line" your lips. After I had both, I found the result I want really is just plumping out the fine lines. I have found it is VERY important to find a doctor that not only knows how to "push" a syringe, but one that understands how to shape a beautiful lip and one that "listens" to you and responds with recommendations for you to choose. If a doc doesn't consult with you and comes at you with a! I do bruise at some of the injection sites, but usually minimally. I even take a blood thinner, so I expect "some" bruising. I understand that numbing is an important factor in reducing bruising as well...I don't understand why, but I can attest that I bruise more if I am not numbed. I actually travel over 4 hours to go to my doc because I know and trust his work. Don't lose hope, shop around. Check out before and after pictures.
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From what I understand, all of the fillers turn blue once they are injected into the skin.
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You are correct, this discolouration is a risk with all hyaluronic acid fillers, which are also the safest... (Juvederm and Restylane). The risk is increased with superficial injections and in fair skinned patients.
Your lip shape does pose a challenge for practitioners. I would advice that your vermillion border is avoided. A tenting technique may be most helpful, but certainly small volume working with body and wet/; dry border. Hyaluronidase can be used to treat unsightly lumps and remove filler if bluish discoloration is unacceptable.
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