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Well I have been whitening my teeth for many years...

Well I have been whitening my teeth for many years... started back when I was 15 when I was sitting in the car with my dad laughing when he told me my teeth were yellow... ever since then i been obsessed with white teeth...thanks who I whiten my teeth every few times a year so when i got the zoom whitening I feel that i didn't get very much whiter from it... possibly because my teeth are already white compared to the average person. possibly because I'm crazy and want me teeth the same shade as printing paper. so maybe I am delusional because of my expectations... but I will continue to search for other methods for teeth whitening to try and achieve my unrealistic dreams of white teeth :-)

Yeah, it seems teeth do have a limit to the amount of white they can get to. I have heard that you can use the whites of your eyes asa good guide to the ideal shade of your teeth, and that any whiter than that can look unnatural, which of course is fine too if that is the look a person wants to achieve.

wow really? i didn't know about the eyeball thing...very interesting!

Yeah, one of the orthodontists I worked with taught me that. Dr. Jahanian mentions it in the answer she gives in this Q&A too:
How Long Do I Bleach my Natural Teeth Before Selecting a Veneer Color?

I thought it was really interesting when I first heard it as well. :)

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