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Plastic surgery is very popular here in Silicon...

Plastic surgery is very popular here in Silicon Valley, and I have met quite a few of Dr. Hoffman's very happy patients (breast augs). From what I've seen, his work is beautiful!! It's very difficult to choose a Doctor, I would recommend going to someone who you feel comfortable with and have seen their work first hand.
Dr. Hoffman truly is one of the top plastic surgeons from what I've seen, IMHO.
Thanks so much for sharing your opinion about your doctor.

I would love to add your experience to the breast implant community, but it would be helpful if you could provide some more detail about your experience with your procedure/treatment. I suggest adding pros and cons and/or before and after photos - optional of course, so that other community members can use your review as a guide through their journey.

Looking forward to your response so I can add your review to the breast implant community.
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