Botox for TMJ

I use it to inject into masseter muscle in jaw to...

I use it to inject into masseter muscle in jaw to reduce TMJ. It works great. I have the injection every 8 months or so, and it really beats having to wear a mouth-guard every night (yuk). Also makes my jaw look a bit less "square" since it relieves the muscle build-up in my jaw muscles. Also makes chewing food easier and more pleasant (less painful). What can I say, for me - it just works.

We encourage you to read a recent scientific publication: Efficacy of botulinum toxin type A for treatment of persistent myofascial TMD pain: a randomized, controlled, double-blind multicenter study by Ernberg M., Hedenberg-Magnusson B., List T., Svensson P. In press, Pain (2011). The authors recommended against the use of Botox as an adjunct to conservative treatment of persistent myofascial pain on the basis of its high cost and lack of efficacy.

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He takes time to explain things in detail... a much overlooked skill amongst docs today IMHO.

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