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Since birth i been having my right ear deform my...

Since birth i been having my right ear deform my left ear is normal but my right ear is small, my goal is to get it fix by the middle of summer,ive ask my doctor if he could send me to a ear doctor all he said was wait 2 yrs i dont know why ,but i want to fix it ASAP ,wat kind of ear doctor should i see and any idea how much would it cost?


Before consulting a surgeon you have to know more about this surgery procedure. Ear surgery or otoplasty is a common surgery to enhance your beauty of ears. It always give you natural look also. You will get more information in the site " theplasticsurgerypost".
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i was born with microtia of the left ear which i had gotten through the rib cartilage and skin graft but the doctor never finished beyond that so it doesnt really look much like an ear, and was wondering if anyone in kentucky is capable of finishing it.
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You have what is known as a "constricted ear." You need to see someone who specializes in ear reconstruction since it is not easily reconstructed unless your surgeon has significant ear surgery experience.
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still trying to find one

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