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I had juvaderm xc in April. I contacted this forum...

I had juvaderm xc in April. I contacted this forum regarding untoward effects esp inner cheek swelling, puffiness and numbness. after reading the excellent opinions of many plastic surgeons there, i now realize that my injections were too deep,and too much volume put in one side. causing a lopsided look and inner cheek swelling 3 months later.

there is a remedy available of another injection, but the juvaderm will also resolve itself in time. this has given me a great deal of peace of mind for which I am very grateful.

Hi maur28,

Wow, you are so calm and looking at this, not great situation, in such a good way. I'm glad that knowing the Juvederm will eventually go away, gives you piece of mind. Please keep us updated as things progress.

Thank you, and only two days till the weekend!


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although I am an RN and I researched this well,I found the treatment disappointing and I had post op problems which caused me ongoing stress and concern. I even consulted an oral surgeon to make sure I had nothing untoward happening in my mouth. now that i know what the cause is, i can live with it and wait until it resolves. I am glad there were doctors there with the answers I needed. thank you

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