Nervous About Upper/lowers with Cheek Implant - Palm Springs, CA

Having the procedure done (finally) after years of...

Having the procedure done (finally) after years of postponing it. I'm 57 and don't look it as most think I'm in my mid forties, the bags seem to grow with age and it just time.

Finally, found the some courage and the Dr. I think Im just nervous knowing what will be done during the procedure perhaps and anticipating the post care. Everyone including several Drs said it an easy it?

I'm also having a cheek implant (oral) with sutures in my mouth, I would appreciate if you had the same procedure and can share your experience to ease my nerves.

I look forward to your reply....

I am FROM PS , CA but had surgery done in LA..thought he was supposed to be "the best". I had upper and lowers done. One eye was and still is, a bit "more open"than the other. I COULD NOT SEE TO READ OR DO COMPUTER OR DRIVE FOR ABOUT 8 WEEKS. The pain was horrific, the eyes did NOT produce tears like they used to, close to protect themselves..couldnt wear contacts for months. They are tight daily..about a year later, and sometimes contacts go BEHIND my eye. I didn't know if I would ever stop having to BUY the oily drops that make it impossible to see clearly , but the pain tolerable. They look GREAT...NOW>.but one is still tighter or more closed than the other. NO one notices.>NOW>.but they did. The bags are GONE, the horrible dark circles..and everyone thinks I am TEN years younger now.theyused to think i was five or six years OLDER than I I guess it turned out..but the despair and worry of never being able to see , drive, read..etc...cuz for MONTHS it was that way.IF you dont' have to return to work, and can have someone schlepp you about from spot to spot, and your bills are all on auto pay..then proceed...but remember...yu might not be able to SEE clearly for WEEKS...
In my research about 25-30 % of eyelid procedures do not have a positive outcome. I had lowers done 18 months ago and regret it every day. My eyes now look hollowed out and I am less attractive than I was before. Biggest mistake of my life. If you have thin skin or any endocrine system problems (I.e. thyroid disease, crones disease, sensitive eyes, allergies etc), the chances of problems are higher.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience. Perhaps given more time with your results you will be happier with the outcome. Did your doctor remove the bags and re position the fat?. I decided to only do my eyes and not at cheek implant. I am nervous (no doubt) and just don't want to chicken out at this point. I don't have any skin or endocrine problems.

I will like to post before and after...Thanks again for your comments and well take.
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