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Dark Circles Under Eyes - Palm Harbor, FL

I, too, have developed very dark circles around my...

I, too, have developed very dark circles around my eyes after one month on Latisse an I'm not talking of lig hyperpigmention, but all around my lower lids and sides of my nose near eyes. I can't even fully cover this with makeup plus my eyes are burning all the time. Will go back to using false eyelashes, because these side effects are definitely not worth it. I'm just hoping that stopping the product will reerse this side effect.
This happened to me and my friend (not a dr, an esthetician) indicated that this means the product is getting on those areas. Now I'm SUPER careful about where I apply the product and use less of a big drop. The eye redness, dark circles and... inner eye eyelashes have gone away. I also cut back on latisse and only use it every other day since I already did my initial two month. Also... I put coconut oil under my eyes to keep them moisturized and create a barrier. That all probably sounds stupid but the problem is solved and I'm thrilled with my slightly longer lashes these days!

The coconut oil is a really good idea!


That sounds terrible, would you consider posting a picture?  How long ago did you stop using Latisse?

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