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I have had some wieght loss, but no thanks to the...

i have had some wieght loss, but no thanks to the body applicators. i bought the whole system with the wraps, the gels, greens, and protein mix, and carb inhibitors. i have had NO results from the body wrap. the only wieght loss i have had is from drinking lots of water and working out. i havent tried the greens or the protein shake yet, but i have been doing the wraps with the contouring cream. i have had no measurable difference in size after removing the wrap. the only thing it has seemed to do is help heal some stretch marks,

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It Works does not promise inch loss.. just tightens, tones and firms. Use the other products!! They all help with the wraps. I am in Orlando and could walk you through the process of using them.. I wont try to sell you on more just want to help you get the results you want!
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I would ask why you haven't used all your products. Why would you buy it and say it does not work when you have not used them. You don't get a gym membership and never go and then say it does not work. The products used together consistently you will see results.
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Sorry to hear you haven't noticed much change in size after using the wraps. That is pretty good if they have helped fade your stretch marks though. I would love if you would update us and let us know if the fading was permanent, or if they went back to how they were originally after a while.

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