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I found a Groupon for $99 so I figured I would try...

I found a Groupon for $99 so I figured I would try it out. The technician took some pictures with a little camera and put a plastic thing in my mouth to keep my lips away from my teeth. Then she put coated my teeth with a gel and used some kind of light to dry it on each tooth. Once it was on all of the teeth, she set up the Zoom light in front of my mouth for 45 minutes. I didn't feel anything in my mouth the entire time. When the machine turned off, she removed everything in my mouth and I looked in the mirror. It was much whiter. I can still see some parts that are whiter than others, which they told me would happen. It's really not noticeable unless I'm looking in a closeup mirror.

I was in the office for about 1 hour and 10 minutes total. Once I was driving home, I felt the first sharp pain in a lower tooth for about 2 seconds. I continued to feel that about 3-4 more times during the next hour but after that, I didn't have any other sensitivity or pain.

I have followed the instructions and only ate colorless or white food to prevent staining for the first 24 hours. I think it was a very good experience!


I thought this would be a great way to whiten my teeth at a discounted price. Unfortunately, the "free" dental exam turned into I needed a cleaning first. I went back for a cleaning and the Zoom on the same day and told them I was only there for these services and that I did not need X-rays (because I would go to my dentist near my home), but they said legally they can't do the cleaning without X-rays. I met with the dentist (not Drs. Gilbert) for the exam, and now I needed fluoride trays, fluoride, and I was supposed to use these for six months before they could then fill my cavities (of course I would need another cleaning then as well). So now I've driven an hour from home twice and still have not gotten the Zoom. I was then told to wait in a separate room for an associate to discuss pricing with me. This experience was exactly like what you would expect from a car dealership. Now my cavities are going to cost $500 (this does not include the cost of the fluoride trays and the fluoride) to get filled if paid in full up front and then a higher price if I were to go on the payment plan they were offering. At no point did I indicate that I was looking for a dentist. I went in there because of the discount, and now all of these numbers are being thrown at me. This discount for the Zoom is not worth the hassle, especially since I still have not gotten it. Also, the person in the room next to me also needed six months of treatment before they could be given the Zoom (I was able to hear the conversation with the dentist and this patient). The dentist said not to get the Zoom before filling the cavities because I will experience sensitivity. I went to my dentist near my home, and they told me to get the Zoom before getting the cavities filled so they can match the color of the filling with the color of the whitening and said that I would experience sensitivity regardless. I think the most important thing to mention is that when I called Downtown Dental to forward my X-rays to my dentist, I spoke with Tara around 7AM and she said I needed to sign a release and she could then e-mail those to my dentist. She was supposed to fax over the release form for me to sign. I called her around 10AM because I never received the fax, and Tara told me that she thought we had discussed her sending this via e-mail (I had been very clear and very specific about this needing to be sent via fax because my e-mail had not been working that day). Tara faxes the release form, I fax it right back. My dentist calls me at 4PM to say that they have been checking spam and regular e-mail all day and still have not received these X-rays (Tara was aware that this was a time-sensitive issue because my appointment with my dentist was for 11AM the following morning). I called Downtown, my dentist called Downtown, and it was being claimed by the office that they had sent this via e-mail to my dentist several times (if you send an e-mail and it doesn't go through, you get a send/receive error), which of course was not the case because the e-mail would have been received. By this time, Tara had left for the day, and I was now dealing with Michelle, and that's when things really got bad. I had to call her over and over again because we were not receiving e-mails but being told by Michelle she was repeatedly sending them (not possible). She told my dentist they needed to provide her with a different e-mail address (they don't have one) and then told me that my dentist had, in fact, received the e-mail because she told my dentist to call her back with a different e-mail address if they didn't receive it. I corrected her and let her know that my dentist had not called her again because they do not have another e-mail address and that this should not in any way indicate to her that the e-mail had gone through. I gave her another e-mail address from me personally that suspiciously did not work. Now we have three e-mail addresses that have not received this e-mail that has been sent "at least five times," according to Michelle. Then I called her with another e-mail address and asked her to remain on the phone with me to make sure that the e-mail was received. Instead, Michelle hung up on me. After checking for the e-mail and seeing that it was not received, I called Michelle again and told her that we must have gotten disconnected. She responded by telling me that she was still holding on the other line with me. Finally, we received an e-mail, but when I got to the dentist the following day, they informed me that they had only sent one of the X-rays in the e-mail and there were others listed on the paperwork that were not sent. After all of the that, multiple phone calls from literally 7AM to 5PM, two office visits an hour away, cost of gas, etc., these people still did not sent the proper e-mail. It is just too much to not be intentional. MY ADVICE: TELL THEM YOU DO NOT WANT THE "FREE" EXAM, YOU JUST WANT TO GET THE ZOOM AND YOU ONLY WANT YOUR DENTIST TO EXAMINE YOUR TEETH. I have chosen to pay full price at my dentist's office and attempt to get a refund through Groupon. I could never trust Downtown Dental to do the whitening after all of the games they have been playing. It is just so unethical. They're looking to make a patient out of you, not send you off with a great discount. GOOD LUCK!
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I also had bad experience, ended up getting my refund, never did received the teeth whitening promised, they wanted to do something else, no Zoom. Big rip off. Never using Groupon again. Phoenix, AZ
the whole point of groupons and living socials, etc is to get you to be a regular customer, not to just offer you a big discount. Businesses literally make NO MONEY off of groupon if you never come back for other services or if you never purchase anything else. They are giving it to you at 50% off the price, then from that 50% off price groupon keeps 50% of that money and the business only gets 50% which only comes to 25% of the actual price that the business gets. The only thing this 25% covers is maybe a little bit of overhead/supplies and that is it. I think that they did go overboard and should not have pushed you to that extreme in that way, but you have to understand that the only way groupons work for a business is if you then purchase other products or become a regular customer. A business actually LOSES money with groupon if every single person who buys them only uses them for the 1 time great discount.
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