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I've had large breasts since I was 10. Over the...

I've had large breasts since I was 10. Over the last few years, the back, neck & shoulder pain has increased. I love running, yoga & swimming & it's not always fun or comfortable to do them with breasts in your face :) This last year I gained a lot of weight (30+ lbs) & of course, my breasts grew too (34DDD-E),which on a 5'0" frame is a lot! Over the past several months, I've worked hard to lose the weight I've gained & am almost to my goal weight (10-15 lbs to go). Thankfully, with the weight loss my breasts have gotten a little smaller too (34D-DD).

What I'm most nervous about is the recovery period & scaring. I know that my areolas are definitely stretched & my breasts aren't as perky as they used to be (I have the classic nipple pointing down, etc.), but is surgery the answer for such a minor size change? Will going to a C alleviate all the things I'm hoping it will? I'm also nervous about my stomach now sticking out past my breasts... I guess that just means I will have to workout even harder! And, if I'm honest with myself, I'm worried what a future boyfriend will say/think about the scars (I'm single, no kids).

Maybe it's just the nerves talking, but to me, there are so many unknowns! #2WeekCountdown

You will absolutely LOVE Dr. Lickstein! I'm only two days post op and already I'm beyond impressed with his skills. He really knows how to sculpt breasts so you're in really good hands. Good luck on ur journey
Hi! I am 2 days post op and I was a DD/E and I hope that I was reduced to a small C. The surgeon still took a lot of tissue away to get to that size. I was sick of the shoulder, neck and upper back pain. I have friends that have had this surgery done and their scarring is minimal - I was truly shocked. I had expected that the scars would be very obvious, but they weren't! It is far too early to say what my scars will look like. A guy should like you for you, and if he is turned off by minimal scarring - then you probably don't want to be with him in the first place! The nerves are normal! I cried all the way to the operating room and as the surgeon marked me. I wanted the surgery - I was just nervous and scared of the unknown. He reassured me that I wasn't acting like a nut, and that many patients cry!

Welcome to the community:)

You are going to love the results and will come through this happy!   

Miami Plastic Surgeon

They were recommended by multiple friends & doctors. I chose the location because that's where my family & biggest support network is to be able to take care of me during and after surgery. Plus, I figured Palm Beach has a higher rate of plastic surgery than some other areas.

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