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Hello all!! I just joined real self! I have used...

Hello all!! I just joined real self! I have used it before but never joined. I'm 27 years old and on a mission to have my ideal body. In the past year n a half I've put myself through veneers, otoplasty (ear pinning) , and a breast aug. I'm so happy with it all but I've always had no ass. It's always bothered me as people have always commented on it. I've been hesitant because I'm a trauma ER nurse and I have personally seen two girls come in infected from illegal injections. After some research I see the infection rate is actually >5% and I trust that I know my body to know if I need to come in for IV antibiotics. Also my husband is a surgeon but not plastic(damn! Lol) he thinks I'm crazy but supports me. I want to do implants because I don't have the fat and I know half of it won't live and you don't know what and where will take and not take!! I am very concerned about the feel and look of the implant being that I'm slender. I'm not trying to be the next kim k or jlo just a nice Brazilian bum! If there's anyone out there that can truthfully tell me how they feel about the implant id be very great full. Also I know I want sub muscular and some sculpting done to my flanks. I have a very small abdomen I call a chabdomen (chest+abdomen) lol so when I gain weight it looks horrible.
Hey Girl I had BBL and Butt Implant Im only two weeks post but I love the way My butt looks ,I can't tell you how it feels yet since Im in the early stage but Id say do both like me and you will be happy!!
Hi! I wish you all the best in your quest for a nice butt! In the initial stages of my butt research, I considered butt implants because I was afraid of the unpredictability of fat transfer. I changed my mind though. It seems like most people who take care of themselves post-op retain most of their fat. If you are already thin, you probably don't need a ton of fat transferred to see a difference anyway. I hope I don't offend you, I'm just saying fat transfer might be a better option than you might think at the moment. I think people exaggerate the amount of weight they think they need to gain, too. You don't need to gain 20lbs to get just 500 or 600cc in each cheek. Ok sorry about my rambling, I just wish you a safe and successful butt journey!
I am very thin also and had butt implants and removed them 3 weeks later because of how they felt and the painful recovery was too much for me. I suggest a fat transfer. With the right doctor the results are predictable and looking at your pics it seems you do have enough fat.
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