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I had a facial surgery on my cheek because I had...

I had a facial surgery on my cheek because I had skin cancer. It started with a small little thing on my cheek like a pimple. I was putting on Clearasil and hoping it would go away, but it got worse and worse. I went to my doctor and she waited 2 months before surgery, putting me through all kinds of tests which I did not need and holding up the surgery. So by that time it was huge, absolutely humongous. That’s when I said if you’re not going to do this I’m going to seek another doctor who will get me through right away. So I went to Dr. Nachlas. They did a little biopsy and a little stitch was left. When they took the stitch out they said let’s make sure and they did another biopsy and I’m cancer free! So I’m very pleased.

I'm sorry to hear you that you felt your treatment was out off by the first doctor. I'm so glad you were able to get the surgery and are cancer free!!

Can you tell us what the healing was like? Did you have to use a dressing, or any special ointments or creams on the area to help with healing?


Thank you for sharing! Moh's surgery is an amazing thing. My husband had it done on his shoulder and it was a godsend. Do you have any scar left from it?

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They’re absolutely fantastic. Dr. Nachlas is a great guy. He puts you at ease and he is just marvelous. You have to have faith in your doctor and believe me; I have faith in him, absolutely! If you could see what I looked like before and what I look like now – my friends and relatives cannot believe it. They said, ‘You’ve been through so much and you look fantastic.” So I’m thrilled and I’m very, very happy!

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