Great Initially....then the Fat Disappeared.

After hearing so many great reviews of this...

After hearing so many great reviews of this procedures, I sought out a highly qualified and experienced surgeon to do my procedure. You may have heard his name mentioned here many times as one of the premier butt lift doctors in Florida....

An ample amount of fat was harvested from various areas of my body. Flanks, thighs, abs and love handles which gave me about 800cc in each cheek. Speaking of volume, which I know seems to be a common question here, everyone's body is different. So volume isn't the only thing you should be concerned with. Everyone's anatomy is not created equal, nor can hold a high volume of fat. It's pretty well established that over-injecting often translates to damaged fat cells. So volume is not everything. My doctor injected the most he safely could to yield the best results for MY body.

I took all the precautions, no sitting or sleeping on my behind, but went well beyond the initial 3 weeks period of care to a month and a half. Did everything right. Still, the fat didn't take. Most surgeons I consulted with said about 40% of the fat would be reabsorbed. In my case, much more than that. So all in all, no. It wasn't a good investment of money.

OH no I am very sorry to hear!!! I am seriously considering this procedure and all the mixed reviews have me going bunkers. Does it at least look better than before? Even after the results weren't what you expected, would you say that your overall appareance look better or not?

Please please share the doctor's name so you may save some of us.

Hi - I can only imagine how disappointing it was to have spent all that money, hoping for excellent results, and then feel like it was all not worth it at all. How are you doing now?

I am looking at several doctors in the area you had your surgery in, and I would really like to know the name of the doctor who did your surgery so I can avoid wasting my time & money. Could you please email me? My email is Many thanks!
Annalisa what happened with your consult with doc soto ?
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