Painless Breast Implants - And It Worked!

Hi, I'd been wanting bigger boobs practically all...

Hi, I'd been wanting bigger boobs practically all my life but was always scared about the pain> Then I saw an article in Allure about the 'pain free breast implants' and I was hooked.

I researched and read up all about it and after six months I booked. And what can I tell you? I had it yesterday, have had no pain, have been out walking, out for dinner, today I'm driving, can lift my hands and arms over my head, can lie on my side (not my front just yet!) but he says that I could if I wanted. And I literally have had no pain at all. I literally didn't know if it was true but I wanted to try it and I am so glad I did and am so pleased with my new look!


that's great thanks for the website!looking forward to seeing your post on your surgery
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I got my implants 4 weeks ago and was very pleased with the results. Here is a website about the painless BA. {edited} The procedure has been refined by a Texas doctor who devised a way to make the op less invasive and shorter. Read my review when it gets posted as well.

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what was the key ingredient in painless?was it the meds or a pain pump?are yours silicone or saline and where were they placed?thanks much.
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