Painful but Worth It

I had it done to my legs and the only cons were...

I had it done to my legs and the only cons were the constant pricking during the procedure and the pain and nausea after it. However after just one treatment I can see a change in my legs. I am definitely going back.

The thing not understood by some people that the doctor explained to me is that this is for trouble spots(thighs, stomach, butt...) and you have to do your part too like drinking water, exercise, and moderate intake of sugar and fried foods if any at all (i say that cause I have a sweet tooth) You can't just do it sit around and expect results.

Im having a hard time tracking someone down to try the procedure. How do I find your physician? I'd love to get results as good as you say yours was.
How many treatments did you receive to get your desired result?
The driver is a good idea. Pressure is not the problem. Nausea and lightheadedness may be more concerning. Generally have a driver and see how you do on the second treatment if you needed you may come alone if you felt you were ok after 1st one. Sincerely Dr Mike
Dr. Donald Mansfield

The Doctor that provided it to me was a doctor I had seen before. He is very truthful and honest and his prices are way more than fair for the services and products he offers

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