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I had to have my two lower front teeth veneered...

I had to have my two lower front teeth veneered due to old bonding from the 70's and 80's. The one on the left is still super sore and sensitive and it has been three weeks since the permanents were put on. I have done flouride tray treatments and flouride varnish and xrays to no avail.

The paid will go away. Mine were sensitive for 4 weeks. Take Motrin every 4 hrs. I am opting now for chair-side bonding instead of veneers from an expert cosmetic dentist after my botched job.
i have had a bridge with porcelin crowns fitted as i had a missing tooth the problem i have found is food getting in where the missing tooth was as there is a little gap as the tooth does not quite meet the gum i sometimes get toothache. Can this be sorted out has anyone had this problem.
Bruce Wright, Wright Dental

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