Painful - Still Discolored from Laser

The treatment was EXTREMELY painful! It was both...

The treatment was EXTREMELY painful! It was both during the treatment and for a couple of days after. My face was very swollen and dark red (maroon) for 3-4 days, then it peeled for another 2-3. It has been 9 weeks since treatment and I still have a very defined outline where the laser was - as if i got sunburned with white eyes, mouth, and forehead. I was not prepared for the pain, nor the severe discoloration and swelling. I could barely wash my face, let alone wear makeup.


What color is your skin?
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I had fraxel yesterday, at the rcommendation of a dear friend who felt mild discomfort and great results. I do not have a low threshhold for pain at all, so was surprised and dismayed at how painful it was! I had the anesthetic gel applied for the recommended amount of time, but it did not seem to affect me at all! To what do you, or did your doctor / nurse attribute your pain? I had read so many success stories and stories of how little discomfort people experienced that I was shocked that it hurt me so much. Now, I am very hesitant to do the next treatment. Did you stop at one? I hate to do that if it is true that it takes 3 - 4 treatments for optimum success, but ,YOW - it hurt! Thanks for any advice you have!
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