I had blotchy brown patches "the mask of...

I had blotchy brown patches "the mask of pregnancy" on my face due to fluctuating hormone levels. The dermatologist recommended Fraxel.

I was told that I would feel like a rubber band was being snapped on my face. I have a high pain threshold but this had to be the most painful procedure I had ever had. I just about flew off the table. Clenching my teeth and cursing under my breath, I finally made it through the procedure. However, after all that pain and money, I had better results with a fading cream!!!!!!! Never Again!!!

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I too had the re:pair. Worst pain ever! I had numbing cream and 8 different local numbing injections. 4 to my inner mouth and 4 to 4head, temples and chin. Still was the worst pain I have ever felt. Having a baby hurt less. That is no lie!
So I was disappointed that the brown spots did not disappear on my face either and complained. My doc gave me Q-switch laser on my face no charge and ALL the brown spots fell off! After that I could appreciate the skin tightening fraxel repair did. Maybe you could ask your doctor for an alternative for the brown spots.
New York Dermatologist

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