Painful, Expensive, and Doesn't Give Good Results

I have not personally had a green peel, but worked...

I have not personally had a green peel, but worked at a Medical Spa for a year, and saw probably 50 clients get the herbal green peel. We recommended a series of three treatments, a month apart. I did not see one customer that was happy with their results, and most of them said the pain was extreme. Several different estheticians performed the peels, so I don't think the problem was with the technician, but with the peel itself. It's also an expensive treatment, and I didn't see anyone with improved acne scars, hyperpigmentation, or overall improvement in their skin.

I would have to agree. It would be helpfull to know what green peel it was, because there are a lot of expensive and even cheep ones that are rip off's of the original Green Peel by Dr. Christine Schrammek. Which I might add is not a chemical peel so will not leave burns on any skin, it is made from 100% natural herbs and in the 40 years it has been going there are no reported cases of damage caused by the peel. What where you required to do and not do after the procedure and how was the post treatment? I would say you got a bad case of crap therapist. I feel for you.
I had a Green Peel on October 2, 2008 at the cost of $650. The results were horrific. On Oct. 6, I had to go to the emergency room because when I woke up that morning, I had chemical burns on my cheeks, from the peel. The spa where I had the peel, was very uncooperative and did not want to issue a refund. They gave me makeup to cover burns!!! Unreal! I wanted to file a formal complaint, and I needed their license number, and they would not provide me with it. I called the police, and they made the technician give me the information.They lied to me and told me I would look presentable in 5 days, just like the brochure says. But when the police arrived, they told the police 2 to 3 weeks. The police officer pointed to the brochure, and said,"why does that say new skin in 5 days"? I had to take off of work for a week because of the burns alone. I am now in the process of taking them to court, and I have pictures, emergency room reports, and the lies in the brochure to help my case. I am totally disappointed, and I'd rather be told the truth, than mislead.
If you have time, please help our readers make a decision on green peels by writing a treatment review. Reviews give more exposure to your experience, compared to comments. Thanks! --Sharon
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