Pain Numbness and Itchiness

It took from 6:30 am until 3:30 pm for 2...

It took from 6:30 am until 3:30 pm for 2 proceedures. I Had my chin done, and cheeks pulled towards my ears.

My neck swelled up after but the Dr didn't drain it. He just put his fist into my throat and pushed. It looks and feels like a tube is in there, I guess its just a huge scar and reminder.

I have extreme itchiness in front and behind my ears, I also have scaring, and one ear lobe is connected to my head. The other side isn't, it just flops around.

There is a lot of pain under my chin and front and back of ears. It was not worth it.

I too had the surgery and have been in bed 90% of the time because of the pain! It has been 6 weeks and they said I would heal in 3 to 5 days! That company should be closed down! They do not care about you after you have th e surgery and you cannot get in to see the MD and if you do see him all they ever say is EVERYTHING LOOKS FINE!! I am so sick of hearing this! I would not recommend them to anyone! I wish I could file a class action suit with them! They would so loose as there are just too many people who are not happpy with them. It is major surgery-it feels worse then when I had a C-section with my child. That healed faster then the LSL!
I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with LSL. Have you tried to contact anyone at the main office in MI and what does the doctor that did your surgery say???? There are a lot of women on here that has suffered greatly - either through lack of detail or the doctor being in too much of a hurry to care or notice. I hope you find some kind of relief and please network with us. It has helped me greatly to be able to talk to others that are like me. I felt very distant and distressed. Realself was a saving grace for me. Best to you, Chrystal.
Joann Collette

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