Pain After Breast Implants

I got breast implants because im 22yrs old and im...

i got breast implants because im 22yrs old and im a AA cup, it just make me feel like a little girl, and i had low self esteem.. it was just really depressin trying to wear swimsuit and not havin the boobs for anything,

i got my implants 3 days ago and im still in pretty bad pain, and iv been taken my meds and puttin ice paks on my chest , but nothin seems to really be heplin.. how long are women usually in pain for? just wantin to know if this is normal


Sorry to hear you're experiencing so much pain. Some pain after surgery is normal, but exactly how much pain is pretty individual.

Here's a link to other RealSelfers talking about post-op pain: Breast implants pain

Hope this helps!

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