Lumineers to Correct Crooked Upper Teeth - Great Experience

I had 8 Lumineers placed on my upper teeth to...

I had 8 Lumineers placed on my upper teeth to correct crooked teeth. I bleached my teeth prior to getting the Lumineers. Now, I have a great smile. Great alternative to wearing braces since I'm a working professional.


same here since 2007 !
condition: crooked teeth/crowded
cost of the procedure $6500 for 8 Lumineers on front upper teeth
down side: major trimming and the procedure is not reversible when you have crowded/overlapping teeth
after all : I am soooo glad i did it! I am very happy with the results and going back and reversing this procedure is not part of my future plans :)

For my condition, major trimming had to happen to my teeth before they can have the Lumineers looking natural, the result is pretty good I have to admit, it's been since 2007 and i am still happy and careful to not put them under unusual stress.
Advice: Pick the "natural white" tone color (minus 1 tone) don't go for the glossy white tone... u'll regret it and it will look too fake)
As for "it is safe and reversible procedure" my answer is hahaha what a false advertising that my dentist had kept on and on until the day of the procedure where he had to drill and trim every single tooth that had a Lumineer on....but again I hated my teeth for years... and today I am very satisfied with the compromise that it is not reversible and that I'll have to have them for the rest of my life ... as long as i keep up a perfect oral hygiene I see no problem keeping them forever :)
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