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Planning MM in 10/2013 - Need Help & Reviews!

I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and...

I'm currently pregnant with my second child, and have decided in no uncertain terms to undergo a MM procedure (TT, BL, poss. BA), which is something I've been waiting until after my second pregnancy to do.

I'm 5'9", normally wear a 36DD, and pre-pregnancy (the first one), I weighed in at around 150. I went up to 215 with my first pregnancy, and plateaued at around 170 for the next 4 years... until I decided to try the HCG diet, FAILED, and had uncontrollable weight gain in the months leading up to my current pregnancy... which I started at 200lbs.

I am determined to get down to my 150 weight prior to my MM and am excited to have this baby and get down to it!

Right now, I'm researching surgeons and would really appreciate some help and guidance from people in the pacific northwest areas, as I live in rural Alaska and haven't heard the greatest reviews about Alaskan plastic surgeons...

Any help I can get is appreciated! I need reviews, recommendations, and even advice on good financing companies for people with less-than-perfect credit.


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Man, i tried that HCG diet too... boy was that a EPIC FAIL!!
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I know, right?! My body hasn't been the same since - I started gaining weight steadily after that, even though I was still eating healthy/normally, and it's still a struggle. I'm hoping pregnancy and birth will "reset" whatever the heck that stuff did to me. I try to warn my friends about it... BAD IDEA!
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Hey here are some screen names of people in Alaska- you can type their screen name in the search box and it will take you to them. Kh2252, a39m9. Hope this helps
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Thank you! I will look them up. :) I guess at this point I have questions that will be answered once the baby is born and I'm losing weight. Something I'm pondering is whether I will get a BL *with* BA, because while I'm sure my breasts will still be fairly large, I want good projection. Like I said, all things that will be answered in good time.

Other than that - I need to know some good financing companies!
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Most likely your the PS you choose will give you finance companies- or I should say the patient coordinator will. For me my consults were you see the PS- you discuss what you want done. I told him what my idea of perky was and he reccomend a lift and aug cause I wanted upper pole fullness. For me personally I want to be very perky so there is no way I would go with just a lift. But everyone is different on how they want their breast to look. After you meet with the PS you meet with the patient coordinator again. She/ he will go thoroughly different options and prices. 
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Sorry I forgot to write- that I saw the patient coordinator before the dr too. The PS I chose  is awesome! And I love love the patient coordinator!!!!! She is so supportive and answers my millions of my questions
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Hey!congrats on the baby. There are a few women on here from Alaska. Let me try to find their names for you:-) Do have an questions?
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You sound like you have a lot of resolve! Seattle has many stellar surgeons. Here's a list of doctors in Seattle who do mommy makeovers. Please keep us posted on your journey! And congrats on the pregnancy. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?

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Not yet! I'll definitely post, though :)
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