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HI everybody! I'm 27 with one child. I used to...

HI everybody! I'm 27 with one child. I used to have beautiful breasts but when I had my daughter there were complications and sacrifices made for her. She was delivered 13 weeks early. I pumped for a month and in the process my boobs deflated and now sag. I had been hopeful that over the years they would somehow come back,but never did. she is 7 now and giving her breast milk was the best choice I could have made for her, but bad for me. I have been researching and looking at things for years. I have decided to go for it. I don't want anything crazy just similar to what I had before my daughter. I m excited to get the process started. I have contacted several different drs and look forward to great improvement. Tired of little saggy boobs and push up bras. want to have the real deal, no push up needed. i love being naked , but my boobs disappoint me so i keep a shirt on. i want to be free!


Congratulations on your decision to proceed with breast surgery and the attractive figure you have maintained after pregnancy. The most important decision you make will be careful selection of your plastic surgeon. Make sure that he/she is certified by the American Board of plastic surgery, can demonstrate significant experience helping patients achieve the types of outcome you will be pleased with, and has the “ability” to communicate with you regarding your goals. Then, communicate your goals carefully, learn about the potential risks/complications associated with breast surgery, and achieve realistic expectations…Best wishes.
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Thank you! I have a great 30 something very important questions to ask during a consultation. I've looked into a lot of aspects and areas of surgery. My only hang up is how it will actually look after completion. I've seen a lot of amazing results. Hoping I fall into that category. I'm positive and hopeful.:-)

moving forward

I found a place and I'm going to schedule a consultation. Hoping to hear good things.


I do not have children but I had significant weight loss to cause my breasts to sag. I am almost 4 weeks post op with a lollipop lift and 420 cc implants. The pain and discomfort has been so worth it. You will love your results! Good luck! Keep us updated!
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Thank you for the encouragement. I'm really excited and hopeful! I'll definitely keep things updated as I continue moving forward. I've been looking into this for years but got serious about it this past year. I want my body to match my feelings.

Would like to know what people think of his work. If anyone used him before, how was the experience? Are you pressed with the outcome?

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