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I'm 45, Have dark spots i wanted to get rid of...

I'm 45, Have dark spots i wanted to get rid of. I had the e matrix on Tuesday evening. You could see not only the little red dots they said i would see but the square shape of the laser tool itself, I look like a patch work quilt. It's now Friday morning and my entire face is red and swollen. It just seems to be getting worse every day. I've been taking benadryl and icing nothing is helping, I cant go out in public.

Hi Katie,

Oh, that sounds not fun at all. It's been a few days how's everything feeling now? I hope a bit better. Did you doctor mention how long it would be before you saw results? Please keep us updated.

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I went back to have the Techs examine my face and although they were very kind and felt horrible, there was no dr there to look at me and the nurse they called even suggested i come back in to get my next treatment. all they told me to do was ice it, keep the cream on it and take benadryl. no real solutions. Think I may have to go to my doctor which is more money out of my pocket

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