Overall Worth It - Eyebrows, Not So Much for Eyeliner

I had my eyebrows tattooed about 9 years ago. A...

I had my eyebrows tattooed about 9 years ago. A make up artist drew ones on me (raised from my natural eye brows) and then I had them made permanent. Before my eyes looked small, now they look more big and open. Overall I am very happy with them - and by drawing with an eye brow pencil over them every day, they've not faded much.

I later had permanent eye liner added. While the top lids are good, the dye in the bottom lids did not take.

Biggest caution I'd add. I'm now 42 and have started to use botox (which is great, love it!). But - because my 'new' eyebrows are higher than my 'natural' ones, if the Dr is not REALLY careful, but eyebrows arch too high now with botox. I'm lucky to have a good botox Dr - but I'd put that out there as something to keep in mide for anyone getting their eyebrows tattooed on.

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it was so long ago, I don't remember her name...

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I always ask a lot of questions regarding Botox and Cosmetic Surgery plans in all of my consultations.That is why I choose to work in a Medical Spa with a reputable surgeon. the placement of permanent brows is an extremely important part of the decision making process in regard to all brow procedures. many women do not have total symmetry and usually have one brow lower than the other on their dominant side. It is due to the muscle falling as we age. My goal is to add symmetry as well as a beautiful brow design, so the Dr performing Botox should be made aware of the PMU design and under correct wuith the Botox on one side.
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Okay, I may owe an apology to someone in the sense that the woman to the right was posing for a 'semi-permanent' brow makeup company. Semi-permanent might be the best way to go--I haven't tried it myself--but at least it's a safer way to go than permanent tattooed in makeup.
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Who IS this WOMAN to the right of this page with 'lastinglines.net' written below her photo? HER BROWS LOOK TERRIBLE! Too thick, too straight, too 'hooked,' too dark, too artificial. Gosh, if this is an ad for some tattoo company--run as fast as you can away from these people!
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There's something wrong if your 'new' eyebrows are higher than your natural ones--it makes me think that the tattooist did not create natural-looking eyebrows for you. I went through this myself and had to get my 'new' eyebrow tattoos lasered off--they looked absolutely hideous. I'm currently trying to post a photo of my awful-looking tattooed eyebrows on realself.com-- but if/when the photo of me gets posted, you will see that the 'new' eybrows sit above my real eyebrows--and when the tiny eyebrow hairs started to grow in, I looked ridiculous. In fact, I always looked ridiculous, even when my brows were waxed and plucked, because people could still see where the hair follicles were. The tattoos just looked so unnatural, and they didn't fit my face. One other thing--if you decide to have a forehead lift as you age, as I did, those eyebrows are going to raise themselves up higher. Best not to have your tattooed-in brows too high in the first place.
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